California health insurance subsidies now apply to more middle-income families


As the open enrollment period begins, more state residents will qualify for financial assistance.

Open enrollment began as of yesterday, and a higher number of middle-income families will discover that they qualify for California health insurance subsidies for next year’s coverage.

The open enrollment period for the Covered California exchange is October 15 to January 31.

Families who have enrolled for their health plans by December 15, regardless of whether they qualify for California health insurance subsidies, will have coverage effective January 1, 2020. That said, their coverage will begin on February 1 if they enroll at any point between December 16 and January 31.

An additional 235,000 middle-income California residents are expected to qualify for subsidies to help make health plans more affordable. The reason for this substantial increase in qualification rates is that the state is implementing its own subsidies for the first time in 2020. Until 2019, individuals using the insurance exchange to shop for their health plans only had the potential to qualify for federal assistance. Now state assistance is also available…..Read more>>