Filing insurance claims for coronavirus? Remember these 5 tips


As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world and across the U.S., it’s possible you may have to file an insurance claim.

Even if you don’t need to file any claims, now could be a good time to at least look at your insurance coverage, according to Dan Karr, the founder and CEO of ValChoice, which independently rates insurance companies.

“Most people are going to have a little more time on their hands because of the isolation that they’re doing and things like that,” Karr told FOX Business. “I think it’s a great opportunity for people to rethink their insurance.”

As they move through different stages of life, most people outgrow their insurance company and they need to rethink it at different times,” he added, saying that the needs of someone in their 20s with few assets are very different from someone looking to retire with a family.

ValChoice rates companies that offer car insurance, home insurance and even health insurance — which has seen a spike in interest as COVID-19 has spread across the globe.

“Our number one focus is really on showing people which companies are best about paying clients,” Karr said. “But we do a lot of other things, too. We have calculators so that people can figure out what the fair price is and things like that.”…Read more>>