Nothing good on Netflix? Try one of these free streaming TV trials


I’ll be honest: Even before the coronavirus the Netflix well was running a little dry for me, especially now that I’ve blown through Ozark season 3. Fortunately, lots of other streaming services have stepped up with longer free trials for people stuck at home, meaning you no longer have to try to shoehorn an entire season or series into just a week or two.

Below I’ve rounded up some of the best free-trial deals you can get right now. Take note that with many of them, standard rules apply:

  • You’ll have to provide a credit card number
  • After the trial ends you’ll start getting billed at the regular monthly rate
  • If you don’t want to get billed, you need to cancel before the trial ends (pro tip: set up a calendar reminder the day before)

One other thing to note: Showtime, listed below, is a division of ViacomCBS, CNET’s parent company.

For each service I’ve included my recommendations for what to binge. But I want your recommendations too, so list them in the comments!


Source:- cnet