Small Business Health Insurance Trends 2019

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The majority of Americans rely on small business health insurance to get the coverage they need. Unfortunately, too many small businesses fail to offer the right coverage options. In fact, in a survey of firms with between 3 and 9 employees, only 44% of those small businesses offered any health benefits.

That’s bad news considering that small businesses make up the majority of businesses in the United States. Luckily, things are looking up. Despite the complicated and confusing insurance landscape of today, new trends are taking over that make small business health insurance more affordable. Here are the top small business health insurance trends 2019.

Supplemental Insurance

One of the first trends is a new focus on supplemental insurance. Most traditional health insurance plans only cover regular health benefits, and they don’t include any “extras” like dental, vision, or travel insurance.

As you can imagine, these are all highly important benefits. Luckily, more small businesses are including supplemental coverage options in their policy. Because supplemental insurance is much less expensive, this is an easy way to offer more value. Visit this website for more information on supplemental insurance.

Telemedicine and Virtual Care

Another small business health insurance trend is the push for telemedicine. Telemedicine gives you access to healthcare providers in just a few clicks. Instead of needing to book an appointment with a provider in your local area, you can connect with one virtually through a smart device or your computer.

Telemedicine is just as valuable as in-person medicine, and it’s a fraction of the cost. A startling 56% of companies today already offer some form of telemedicine services to employees, and this number is expected to be close to 100% by 2020….Read more>>