Yahoo Breach Payout Deadline Is In 1 Week—Here’s How To Claim


It seems a long time ago now, but many people are still feeling the hit from the two breaches of Yahoo—which impacted 3 billion users’ sensitive personal information.

You’ll probably know by now that the impact of the breaches has led Yahoo to agree to a payout of up to $25,00 per person affected by the cyberattack, as part of a $117.5 million settlement for 194 million people.

The deadline to apply for a payout—July 20—is fast approaching, so now’s the time to get your claim in. Here are the details including who is eligible, what you are entitled to, and how you can claim.

Who is eligible for a payout?

First things first, you are eligible for a payout from the breach if you are a citizen residing in either the U.S. or Israel and had a Yahoo account between January 1 2012 and December 31 2016. And it’s not just email accounts—the settlement includes Tumblr, Yahoo Fantasy Sports, Yahoo Finance and Flickr.

How much money will I get from the Yahoo breach settlement?

The maximum claim is $25,000 for “out of pocket losses” but in order to get this, you’ll need to prove substantial damage was caused to you by the breach. Yahoo’s settlement site defines this as “lost time, that you believe you suffered or are suffering because of the data breaches.”

Lots of people will qualify for a smaller amount, which is $100 in cash or free credit monitoring. The money in the payout could go higher if less people than expected apply.

You can see how much you’ll be able to claim by visiting the Yahoo settlement website.

What do I need to do to apply?

Once you know you are eligible for a payout, you can simply fill in your claim form on the Yahoo settlement website. If you prefer, you can request a form from the settlement administrator on 844-702-2788, or email to request these………Read More>>

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